“Having had the pleasure of working with and against Bill as an advocate, and of serving as a mediator on cases in which he has been involved, I long ago concluded that he is a lawyer of exceptional skill. Bill has the knowledge, temperament and seriousness-of-purpose required of an appellate judge. It is for these reasons that I support Bill for the important position of Justice on one of the most important Courts of Appeals in our state. We need jurists of his stature and commitment.”
Jay J. Madrid, Well Respected Leader In The Legal Community
“Kit, I am writing a note to you which you should feel free to circulate if you want.

As you know, better than anyone, I have spent a considerable amount of time with Bill over the past 26 plus years. With few exceptions, Bill has worked on all major cases I have handled. I cannot begin to adequately express how much his hard work and considerable analytical skills have contributed to a string of very successful projects. His writing is exact and clear. His legal analysis is better than any I have seen. His dedication to getting it right is, however, his greatest strength. Countless times I have called on a Sunday afternoon or late at night only to find him looking at one more case or analyzing one more approach to try to improve something that was already far better than anyone else I know could have produced. His work ethic, combined with his sharp mind is a combination that I believe is unmatched by any lawyer I have seen in the 40 years I have been practicing.

Bill is unique and will be a wonderful judge.”
Joe Harrison, Gardere Partner
“I have known Bill as a law partner, fellow lawyer, co-counsel and friend for the last 20 years. I had the privilege of working closely with Bill on several substantial lawsuits while we were partners at Gardere. Bill is a gifted lawyer, a perpetual student of the law. He is what we refer to as a “lawyer’s lawyer” because he is a lawyer that other lawyers seek out to discuss complex legal issues. His legal analysis is grounded, creative and insightful. Bill’s ethical composition is unimpeachable. More importantly, Bill is a great person. He is energetic, compassionate, genuinely kind and generous. Bill is the type of person anyone would want to have as a friend. Bill will bring all of these qualities to the Court and will be an exceptional appellate judge. Litigants and the bar will be well served by having Bill on the Court.”
Robert L. Wright, Former Gardere Partner
“I recommend Bill Whitehill for Justice of the Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas. I met Bill years ago, when we were opponents in a business case involving websites and related intellectual property rights. The case was tried through several days of arbitration and involved both state and Federal court proceedings and numerous complex issues. I found Bill to be an honest, straightforward and very capable adversary. I know that Bill has the intellect, legal training, experience and focus needed on the Dallas Court of Appeals.”
Roger F. Claxton, Former Opponent
‘Bill Whitehill is an ideal candidate for the Court of Appeals — a bright, inquisitive, historian of the law and outstanding citizen of his community. His distinguished thirty year career practicing in complex and arcane trial and appellate litigation has prepared him for the Court. I have watched him in practice, and I believe his personal qualities, temperament and intellectual prowess are superbly suited for the job as Justice of the Court of Appeals. A perfect man for the job.”
A. Hardcastle, Jr., Co-Arbitrator
“Congratulations on your run for judgeship. As an opposing counsel to in a significant case I can attest that you are an honorable man, a formidable opponent, and would make an excellent judge. I am happy to express my support for your campaign.”
Arch Y. Stokes, Chairman and CEO of Stokes Roberts & Wagner and Former Opponent
"If there is anything to be said about Bill Whitehill, it is that he is a man of high character. I have known this personally for over 35 years as a close friend. As roommates at UT, it was common knowledge Bill was a man of stable background and strong Christian faith. Bill has continued his life journey driven by the principles of faith, wisdom and integrity – principles that are steady and consistent, and do not change with his circumstances. In other words, he will actually do what he says he will do. He will not campaign on one platform and judge from another. He will judge based on truth, not personal interests, or political persuasions. Frankly, I wish he were running for President this November. A vote for Bill Whitehill is a vote for Integrity."
Jay P. Otto, Longtime Friend
“I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Bill Whitehill for four years as a junior associate. Bill is a meticulous attorney and analyzes legal issues from every viewpoint. While working with him, I witnessed firsthand his ability to consider a legal issue, research remote yet relevant concepts, apply established and oft-times overlooked principles to whatever complicated legal issue he faced, and in the end, reach the judicious outcome. Bill is a brilliant mind and is ever fair-minded. I learned many things from watching and working with him. And in addition to his approach to legal analysis, I learned patience, understanding, respect, consideration, and integrity – qualities that bring honor and competence to the bench and justice system. I could not support Bill’s campaign more than I do.”
Kaylee Higginbotham, Former Gardere Attorney
“A proper balance of experience, intellect and judicial temperament are critical to efficient and effective performance on this important court. Your career has best embodied these characteristics. “
Larry Wainer, Grassroots Activist
“I have known Bill Whitehill for many years. He has the kind of ‘in the trenches’ experience that will help make him a practical, industrious, and fair-minded judge. He is leaving a successful, life-long career representing clients to dedicate his time, energies, and talent to public service. His integrity and temperament will serve him and the parties before him well. His conservative values and judicial philosophy demonstrate that he will provide a level playing field for all litigants. If elected, he will be the kind of judge who interprets the law, not one who usurps the role of the legislature.”
Harriet Miers, Former White House Official And Well Respected Leader In The Legal Community
“I have known Bill Whitehill professionally for 27 years. When he was a young lawyer, I was impressed by his grasp of complex issues and ability to work well with others in multi-party cases. I have followed his career since those early days. He has grown in wisdom and stature in the legal community, handling enormously complex suits. I fully support his campaign for Dallas Court of Appeals.”
Orrin L. Harrison, III, Well Respected Leader In The Legal Community
“The traits I have found in candidates and elected officials over decades that have proven to be great measures of the quality and performance of that person are embodied in Bill. Those qualities I look for and rely upon are honesty, sincerity, integrity, a person who will look you in the eye and answer your questions, a patience for making sure you understand his position, will show interest in his constituents by attending the functions to get to know what concerns the people have, speaks articulately and yet in a layman’s language when necessary, and is not haughty, yet commands respect, a proven record and life that embodies love of country and the Judeo /Christian principles that made this country great. Then probably but not lastly, and most importantly, a person whose highest authority comes from God. In my opinion, Bill fills all these shoes very, very well. Wish we could find more of his caliber to fill the important offices that are determining the direction this nation will take.”
Lynka Lynette Kelly Ames, Grassroots Activist
“Bill Whitehill is an outstanding choice for the Texas Fifth District Court of Appeals given Bill’s experience, insight, integrity and intense focus on detail. Bill knows the importance of reaching the correct result and following the law fairly and impartially. I have known Bill for a number of years. I admire his professional demeanor, his integrity and his attention to detail. I value Bill’s insight, advice and knowledge. I firmly believe you could not make a finer choice for a Justice on the Fifth District Court of Appeals than Bill Whitehill.”
Jacob Cherner, Client Representative
“I have known Bill Whitehill, both professionally and personally, for over 20 years. Throughout this time, that which best defines Bill — as a man, as a lawyer, as a husband and as a father — are his conservative values and beliefs. He is someone who is fair and exhibits good judgment, and who is always well-prepared and takes seriously the obligations and responsibilities with which he is assigned. I can’t think of a person better suited to serve as a Justice on the Texas Court of Appeals. The values so important to Texans are the values Bill embodies.”
Robert O. Isaac, Associate General Counsel, Ensco Plc
“In the years I have known and worked with Bill, I have found him to be a man of integrity and bright. He is a well rounded and a hard worker. He is able to explain complex issues in way that makes them easy to understand.”
Joe Florence, Client
“Bill Whitehill is fully qualified to fulfill the duties and responsibilities as an appellate judge. I have known him for many years. As a lawyer, Bill handled for me a very complex legal situation that was emotionally charged. He skillfully guided the case to a successful conclusion with legal acumen, common sense, and personal empathy for me and my family. I have the greatest respect for Bill as a person and as a professional.”
Bill Everitt, Client
Bill & Kit Whitehill have been family friends and neighbors of ours in Coppell for well over a decade. I first met Bill back in the late 1990’s and shortly thereafter we really got to know them when he and Kit hosted a small group summer Bible study (“Experiencing God”) at their home. Since then Bill and I were a part of Bible Study Fellowship (“BSF”), while Kit attended one of the Community Bible Study (“CBS”) day classes with my wife (Diane). More recently, Diane and I have both enjoyed serving with Kit as a part of our leadership team for a co-ed evening CBS class that was just started in Coppell last year. I also know that Bill has served on the Board of “Family Legacy Missions International” (a Christian ministry that serves the orphans of Zambia through its “Camp Life” and school programs) and that Kit has served on staff in a volunteer capacity. Their entire family has gone on several Camp Life mission trips to Zambia where they’ve served selflessly as camp counselors. Bill and Kit’s inspiring service at Camp Life played a big part in our son and his wife’s decision to also serve as camp counselors at Camp Life. Based on our personal experiences and relationship with Bill and Kit, I am confident that Bill will be able to apply his conservative values and beliefs in a way that will not only uphold the rule of law but that his personal character and integrity will enable him to serve as an appellate justice in a way that we can all be proud of.
Jim Fadley, Coppell, Texas