The Dallas Morning News Announces its Recommendation
for Our Reelection to the Texas Fifth District Court of Appeals!

Dallas Morning News
September 29, 2020

Justice Bill Whitehill is an experienced, evenhanded and capable appellate judge with high approval ratings and the background that the 5th District Court of Appeals needs.  Whitehill’s time on the court and his many rulings over the past six years are the record he is rightly running on — one that demonstrates a command of the legal questions before the court.

Whitehill, 63, is clear that his judicial philosophy is the fair application of the law as it is written, and his rulings over the years have borne that out. His view of the court’s limited role in interpreting the law is appropriate. Legislators make the laws. Courts should rule according to the law as written and, as Whitehill told us, “the vast majority of cases we get don’t involve cutting-edge legal issues or undeveloped law.”

Because he has experience in all of the areas the court covers, including criminal appeals, corporate litigation and family law, among others, Whitehill gets our recommendation.


Given Whitehill’s strong record on the bench and deeper experience in appellate law, he is the clear choice.